Why We Won as Tech Firm of the Year

On May 15, 2014, we were honored as the 2014 Technology Firm of the Year by the Tech Council of Maryland (TCM), Maryland's largest technology trade association. We accepted the award with pride for being recognized for the transformative work we are doing in higher education. That being said, we’re aware that not everyone out there understands how differentiated we are in the space, which is why we’re sharing the reasons behind what earned us this year's tech firm of the year title.

What’s amazing about the TCM awards ceremony is that everyone there is submerged in a community of technology, life science and academia. We love it because we are among so many companies that all demonstrate innovation, and embrace the importance of company culture and employee recognition. This touches upon one of the main reasons we won - 2U Culture.

Our company culture is a leading reason for our success, especially since we are one of the employers of choice and recognized as one of the Best Places to Work in 2013 by Glassdoor. The 2U culture creates a sense of camaraderie and commonality. And where there is commonality, there is cooperation and one vision. The 2U culture allows us to love what we do and do it well. It’s common in 2U to come into work everyday with a smile on your face, to call your co-workers your friends, and to put 120% effort into your job because the truth is - it’s not just a job. Watch this video to see more of the reasons why we love working here: 2U Culture

Beyond the culture, it’s the technology - the tangible motivation that we believe in and work hard for. Our cloud-based software-as-a-service solution enables leading nonprofit colleges and universities to deliver high-quality education online. Our technology is redefining higher education for the present and future generations. To prove the enormous results that students and universities obtain from utilizing our software, we released our first “Impact Report.” The reports provides an overview of the degree programs and students and faculty that 2U technology supports, including high-level information about the impact and outcomes of these efforts.

Another reason why we’re a winning team is our leadership. Christopher Paucek, CEO of 2U, was recently voted one of the Top 5 Best Rated CEO’s in a small-to-medium company by Glassdoor. What’s important about this award is that it’s based on employee feedback.

Among a sea of leaders, Christopher stands out because of his rare quality that makes him care more about people and less about the politics. In a recent interview with Motley Fool, Christopher said, “...while the university is our client, ultimately if the students have the right outcome, everybody would win. The company is maniacally focused on it, honestly.”

Our CEO cares about the students we support, but also really cares about his employees. In-turn the employees care about the business.

The business - our company, our technology, the changes we’re making, the lives we’re touching, the opportunities we’re opening, the students - it’s cared for by each and every one of us.

We won because we care. Not because we have to, but because caring and putting in the effort is the right thing to do and it works.

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