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#ImpactChat Twitter Chat: How Are Online Degree Programs Changing Higher Education?

How are online degree programs changing higher education? In honor of our 2015 Impact Report, we are hosting #ImpactChat on Twitter, a conversation that explores the past and future of online education.

What Does It Mean to Be a UX Developer?

“What is a UX developer, and is it really a thing?” Many people in the industry have often referred to it as being a mythical unicorn. Michael a UI/UX Developer at 2U shines a light on the responsibilities and developing user experiences. 

SXSWedu Session Recap: Desegregating the Online Student

“We all know the back row — the closest seats to the exit. What if we could eliminate it and put every student in the front?” That’s the idea behind 2U’s “student outcomes” approach, as described by the company’s CEO Christopher Paucek at SXSWedu. 

Dancing With Sharks

Simmons College Provost and Senior Vice President Katie Conboy sent a newsletter to the entire Simmons community about the power of partnerships focusing on their partnership with 2U.

How to Write a Successful Cover Letter

A cover letter is the perfect opportunity to share experiences and skills not included in your resume. Here are some tips to keep in mind when writing a cover letter.

How Technology Has Changed Education

Here is a look at the way educational formats have evolved over the years and the exciting possibilities that are emerging for today’s online students.