Online Students go On-Campus for Commencement

It’s that time of year, where we have the thrill to congratulate students graduating from so many magnificent online graduate programs that are enabled through 2U technology. Students from these prestigious online programs join their classmates from around the globe, along with their families and friends, to attend their graduation ceremonies on campus grounds.

The amazing buzz of excitement before commencement can be felt by all the students. Even more so by the online students who have felt a part of this campus and community throughout the course of the program with interactive live classes, supportive cohort and university faculty. Now they get to celebrate and enjoy this memorable moment, as they take photos before the ceremony with their cohort, who are now some of their best friends, and their proud family members.

"Awesome" is the only word we can think of when we heard how many online graduates, from the 2U-powered programs, attended commencement ceremonies on location at University of Southern California, in Los Angeles on Friday. Approximately 300 graduates from USC Rossier’s online master’s programs and 160 graduates from USC School of Social Work’s online master’s programs attended the commencement ceremonies held on campus.

Graduation might have been the first time for many of the online students to meet on campus but their online journey had already cultivated life-long friendships. As each student took their turn to walk and collect their degree, many realized that without the online program this moment would not have been impossible. That without an online program, they would have never found the time to raise their kids, keep their jobs, or maintain their hobbies, homes and friends. For each graduate, the memories of graduation concluded with hope and inspiration for the future.

This has been an exceptional year for online graduates with a high proportion of them employed within 9 months of degree conferral. That’s why this time of year is so fantastic for us at 2U. It makes us proud to know that our technology has made so many dreams possible.

Congratulations class of 2014!

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