2U’s 2014 Annual Report is Now Available

2U’s 2014 Annual Report report covers high level financial performance and company activities during 2014 and aims to bring 2U's mission, platform, culture, and outcomes to life for shareholders.

Why We Won as Tech Firm of the Year

On May 15, 2014, we were honored as the 2014 Technology Firm of the Year by the Tech Council of Maryland (TCM), Maryland's largest technology trade association. We accepted the award with pride for being recognized for the transformative work we are doing in higher education. That being said, we’re aware that not everyone out there understands how differentiated we are in the space, which is why we’re sharing the reasons behind what earned us this year's tech firm of the year title.

Students in 2U-Powered Programs Now Have Access to Cross-University Course Enrollment Opportunities

We are bringing a new dimension to No Back Row through an initiative that allows our partners to offer a unique benefit to students enrolled in their graduate degree programs: cross-university course enrollment. Through this pilot program, students in 2U-powered master’s degree programs can enroll in select courses offered by other 2U partner schools.

Online Students go On-Campus for Commencement

It’s that time of year, where we have the thrill to congratulate students graduating from so many magnificent online graduate programs that are enabled through 2U technology. Students from these prestigious online programs join their classmates from around the globe, along with their families and friends, to attend their graduation ceremonies on campus grounds.

USC Rossier School of Education Welcomes More Than 300 Graduates From Its Online Master’s Programs to Campus for Commencement

The University of Southern California Rossier School of Education announces a milestone fifth graduation that brings together and celebrates graduates from its residential and online programs.

What Online Degree Can Give You the Power to Transform Lives?

We believe educators have the power to transform lives, in-turn transforming the future. It's the reason why we're so enthusiastic about 2U expanding its partnership with USC Rossier School of Education to launch its first online doctorate degree.