What Online Degree Can Give You the Power to Transform Lives?

We believe educators have the power to transform lives, in-turn transforming the future. It's the reason why we're so enthusiastic about 2U expanding its partnership with USC Rossier School of Education to launch its first online doctorate degree, a Doctor of Education (EdD) in Organizational Change and Leadership.1

Working in education is not just a career, or a set of skill - it's a calling. Empowering other individuals is rewarding for most professionals in education, who are motivated by the sheer passion of knowing they can make a difference. This is why it's so vital to provide superior training and development to teachers, administrators and educational leaders across the nation.

The Program Is Not Just for Teachers.

You don't have to be a teacher to pursue an EdD. This amazing three-year leadership program is for professionals looking to transform lives, drive change and make a difference in educational organizations such as: colleges, universities, and non-traditional educational organizations. The program focuses on generating leaders who want to facilitate learning and shaping organizations to be effective and adaptable. The program can also advance the goals of professionals seeking to drive change in other work environments including non-profits, corporations and government organizations.

You Can't Transform Lives Unless You've Been a Part of Transformation.

Can you re-envision your traditional educational experience to include the power of technology with the comforts of your home or with the ease of your workplace? 2U did just that. Our company envisioned the future of education and created a cloud-based software-as-a-service solution for nonprofit colleges and universities that allows students to experience a profoundly, comprehensive and high-quality education. Students in programs using the 2U technology, receive the same enriching experience as students on campus do through weekly, live, interactive and self-paced class sessions.

See for yourself how great the experience is by watching dynamic course content; and learn why top universities in the nation are using 2U technology.

2U Technology Let's Students Evolve, Explore and Be Empowered.

This doctorate program enables professionals with the resources and training to face today's challenges by exploring new, innovative and effective methods in leadership and change. The technology by 2U not only provides the interactive and quality experience professionals seek; but it gives them the ability to have a professional life, a family life and social life. The self-paced, online courses allow you to lead the lifestyle you want while making positive impact in your career.

Classes are anticipated to begin in January 2015!

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1 Pending Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC) accreditation.